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in the Abacos, near Marsh Harbour & Treasure Cay.

The Assistance of REALTORS & TRAVEL AGENTS is WELCOME for Vacation Rentals of "INTERLUDE HOUSE" PROPERTY: 

We welcome the involvement of Realtors and Travel Agents and offer a finder's fee or commission of six percent (6%) for rentals arranged by Realtors or Travel Agents or the like.

How to Contact Us:

Homeowners: +1 (863) 840-9156
or (863) 269-9785 or +1 (703) 656-1230
Email: Rent@EnjoyAbaco.com
Orchid Bay: +1 (242) 365-5175

Or Contact our U.S. REALTORS:
Eugene and Jeannie Baur
Mizner By The Sea Luxury RE
641 Juneberry Court
Boca Raton, Florida 33486
+1 (561)391-8100
E-mail:  BaurTeamSellsBoca@msn.com

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