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in the Abacos near Marsh Harbour & Treasure Cay


$2,800 / week   ( =  $40 / person / night for 10 people.)
Please tell us if you have a personal referral.
Note: Rental is for upper level of house only.

Note: Email us for a contract: Rent@EnjoyAbaco.com. Be sure you have a signed contract to present to Albury Property Management at the Orchid Bay Marina offfice, Great Guana Cay

Interlude House -- in the gated community of Orchid Bay, Great Guana Cay -- offers over 4,800 square feet for vacationers. Compared with many rental properties, Interlude House offers the opportunity for larger groups, perhaps fishing trips, family reunions or celebrations at reasonable rates. Several destination wedding have used Interlude House as one of several houses accomodating the wedding party.

The ground floor and second floor levels (The Main House) includes 4,800 square feet of living space. The main level includes a large Great Room with cathedral ceilings with sky lites. The Great Room and the Family Room open through multiple glass doors to an 80 foot long deck with a 180 degree panoramic view of the Sea of Abaco.

The main house has a large open kitchen, which looks out into a large family room, and is next to a small formal dining room next to the kitchen, leading to the front foyer. The family room has the same access to the deck and view as the Great Room. The Main House has a large formal dining room next to the kitchen and foyer. A pantry and laundry room and back entrance hallway is located off the kitchen and provides an informal door entry from the front.

The second floor is reached by a curved stairway from the foyer and a back, spiral staircase accessing the library and two bedrooms. The Main House is topped with an observation tower -- a large observatory room with a commanding view of the Sea of Abaco to the West and across the Island to the Atlantic Ocean to the East.

There are 5 bedroom suites each having its own private bath. Four bedrooms are on the main level and a fifth is on the top, second floor. These 5 suites each have quuen or king size beds (3 Kings, 2 Queens).

There is also a 6th loft style bedroom primarily set up for children with a small bath and bathtub / shower across a hall. The mini-bathroom has a low ceiling in the bath / shower.The loft bedroom holds two twin-size beds, with a low sloping ceiling.

The 6 bedrooms and 6 baths of the "Main House" can sleep 10 people, even up to 12 people.

The building includes two entirely different parts, with complete privacy for each and separate entrances:  The lower level apartments are currently under long term leases to responsible managers at the millionaire's development and resort Baker's Bay, who are away at work during the day and workers of Orchid Bay. 

The normal rate is $2,800 per week (except for Christmas, New years and Thanksgiving weeks, which carry an extra surcharge of $200 per week). A 10% discount is allowed for multiple consecutive weeks.

$10,000 "Guarantee" (Trip Insurance) by VRBO  --  The VRBO website offers a $10,000 "Guarantee" -- actually a type of trip insurance you have to sign up for.
Click Here This protects you against many things -- but you need to let them tell you. Click Here for Legal Details, Terms and Conditions

You have to pay and register separately at VRBO for the trip insurance. If you don't sign up for the VRBO Guarantee and pay the fee, you won't be covered.

We will deduct your cost of signing up for the VRBO Guarantee from your rental of the house (but of course you have to let us know, or we won't know).

However, the VRBO 'Guarantee' protects with trip insurance not only the rental cost for renting our house, but can also cover the entire cost of your trip, including your airplane tickets, etc. So carefully examine VRBO's offer. It might be a good idea for you.

Apparently this DOES NOT protrect against cancellation of your trip due to a hurricane or illness, etc. So you may want to ALSO obtain standard trip insurance against cancellation of your travel. NOTE that under our own policy, we provide a complete refund (if payment has been made) or release of your rental agreement in the event of a hurricane threatening the Bahamas, because we don't want anyone taking any chances with dangerous whether.

CLICK HERE  for VACATION RENTALS BY OWNER Click on VRBO's "VIEW CALENDAR" to See Dates Available. Click HERE to book through "Vacation Rentals By Owner" with $10,000 GUARANTEE

CAUTION: TROPICAL CONDITIONS: All parts of the Carribbean region and Florida have tropical conditions that you should expect. If you are not familiar with vacationing in tropical conditions, you should carefully consider whether the location is appropriate for your vacation. You agree to accept the risk of such problems. Great Guana Cay is a small island on which there is no doctor, medical faciliites, hospital or clinic. A medical clinic is 20-30 minutes away in Marsh Harbour by boat. Tropical conditions anywhere in the Carribbean and Florida include mosquitos, sand fleas ("no see ums") which can sometimes be very pesky biting insects, biting ants, and possible sun burn. Small hornets (yellow jackets) play the agricultural role of bees in the Abacos, and are very tame and harmless, but could bite if their nest is threatened. Use of the house's small day dock is hazardous because the ladder is straight vertical and requires physical strength to climb up out of a boat or the water. When it rains, outdoor decks and stairs -- especially the very long stairs down from the back deck -- can be very slippery when wet, especially if people are wearing 'flip flop' sandals that may surprise you as more slippery than you are accustomed to compared with wearing normal shoes. There are areas of the house that are off limits which contain dangerous tools downstairs. There is some poison ivy in the Bahamas and also a similar tree called poisonwood. Making a campfire from trees in the Abacos can be hazardous if you do not know which trees like poisonwood may release unsafe fumes. Also, small lizards are very common, but are both harmless and very helpful by eating insects. Walking on the beach, swimming, snorkeling, or diving in the Bahamas include the risk of stepping on sharp natural rocks, sea urchins or sometimes broken glass. Most of the islands of the Bahamas are made of rocks called "iron shore" that can be very sharp and one must take care to wear shoes and avoid falling on to rocks.There are a few sharks in Bahamian waters. Most types of sharks are actually harmless. However, there is some risk in any waters anywhere in the world, especially when it is dark or visibility is limited or a person is wearing flashy jewelry or objects. Shark attacks nearly always involve a shark that fails to see the entire human being, but thinks a flashy object or jewelry is a small fish. Therefore, it is risky to swim or dive in darkness or partial darkness or in murky water. Most types of sharks are intimidated by a human being nearly as large as they are -- if they can see you clearly.

WHEN DOES A WEEK START? Depending on availability, a week or month period can be agreed to start on any day when you arrive. For rentals for a week or a month period, payment is due for the entire week or month agreed even if not occupied for the entire time.

PAYMENTS: Payment by credit card, including American Express, can be handled by the homeowners directly or through Albury Property Management, which manages rentals in Orchid Bay Estates development. Payment by wire transfer or deposit of a check can be made to a US bank account as well. A security deposit is required for long-term leases of first and last month's rent in advance.

CLEANING COSTS & TAXES:  We pay for all maid service to fully clean and prepare every room, fresh as a hotel room, in advance of each new rental. At the present time, rates include payment by us of all applicable taxes. Therefore, the amount quoted above will be the actual amount you pay.

MORE GENERAL DETAILS: Two large, wide decks run along the back of the house on the upper and lower levels (half covered and protected from rain). These back decks provide a breathtaking view of the Sea of Abaco, and fantastic sunsets. (We have even watched night time shuttle launches from Cape Canaveral from our deck.) The humming birds are a delight to watch as they feed at the feeders hanging on our back deck. (Be sure to refill the feeders with a little sugar water -- just a couple pinches of sugar.)

Satellite TV is included, with most bedrooms equipped with channel boxes that can be independently controlled. Free WiFi (Wireless Internet) is accessible throughout the entire house. The internet is connnected through a microwave antenna with Marsh Harbour, across the Sea of Abaco.

A large automatic emergency generator provides electrical service in case of a local power failure. A Reverse Osmosis water making system is used to ensure an adequate supply of water. The water used at Interlude House is triple filtered for taste and to purify from all sediment, through activated charcoal filters then sterilized by passing through ultraviolate sterilizers.

All vacation rentals include use of the outdoor, large jacuzzi overlooking the waters of the Sea of Abaco (separate from the smaller water jet bath in the North Apartment), air conditioning, free washer and dryer, satellite TV with DVD player, and telephone. Telephone includes a phone line with free long distance throughout the U.S. For long-term leases, you should install a separate phone line. If the island's main power is ever interrupted, the house's diesel generator automatically takes over.

PRIVATE OCEAN BEACH: Rentals include use of Orchid Bay's private ocean beach and picnic pavilion (about 6 minutes away by golf cart); Orchid Bay's tennis court; the Marina's small swimming pool and lounge deck; and the 40-acre nature preserve. Guana Cay has a world-famous beach and reef. Finest Deep Sea fishing and reef diving. multiple Mahi Mahi, Whahoo, Tuna, and even Blue Marlin have been Taken just off Great Guana Cay. A Bahamian National Underwater Park lies just to the South of Great Guana Cay

The world famous live reef is within easy swimming (snorkeling) distance of the beach, sometimes sporting swimming sea turtles, grouper, lobster, porpoises and many fish. Total relaxation and natural beauty are strong appeals. Visitors can plan a schedule of deepwater fishing, boating (many boat rental options are available), scuba diving or snorkeling, exploring nearby quaint islands with shopping and eating, walking the 5-mile beach, drinking "Bahama Mama" rum drinks at island restaurants, etc. Fantastic sunsets over the Sea of Abaco. We have watched the Space Shuttle launch at night. We daily watch humming birds, mocking birds, sea gulls, and even owls from our deck. Private ocean beach with pavilion in the estate. Marina, swimming pool, tennis court and wilderness park with banana and coconut trees in the Orchid Bay estate.

Rediscover the feeling of being human. Recharge. See the stars so bright you feel you could touch them, with no city lights. Sleep where the only sound is the waves lapping on the shore. Sleep more rested than you ever have before. Return to work with new energy, confidence, and perspective. Writer's block? Get a fresh perspective, and uninterrupted quiet, for that business plan or novel. Note that this is not the casino or night club area you would find in Nassau.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Obviously, we cannot rent a part of the house to someone else while we have it reserved for you. So we will lose real money if we reserve all or part of the house and later have a cancellation.

However, we want people to stay safe and not take any chances. We will accept cancellation and issue a refund if there is a hurricane in the area or hurricane posing a serious risk of entering the area (that is, the area of the Carribean North of Jamaica and South of North Carolina and East of the Gulf of Mexico (over Florida or East of Florida)) during the time of your rental. If a hurricane threat arises during the time when you are already staying at Interlude house, and you leave early, we will provide a pro-rata refund for the portion of your stay that you miss by returning early.

If severe weather delays your arrival (such as by boat), we will allow the time period of your retnal to start when you arrive, as long as the space is available. So if you rent for a week and arrive a day late, your week will start when you actually arrive, as long as there is not a scheduling conflict. However, we cannot guarantee that the space will be available. If you have concerns about boat travel or similar issues, we invite you to contact us in advance so we are aware of your travel concerns. We may be able to schedule a reasonable window for your boat travel.

STOCKING UP THE HOUSE FOR YOUR STAY -- SHOPPING IN MARSH HARBOUR: When you arrive, while waiting for the ferry, you may want to have the taxi from the airport take you to "the fish house" beyond the harbor and pick up some lobster or fish. In lobster season, you may see fishermen selling live lobster right on the sidewalk at good prices. When you arrive on Guana, you can also go to MILO's kiosk and ask for him to find lobster or fish for you. You can also try Jerry at Sea Shore Villas.

While you are in Marsh Harbour, you may want to load up on groceries at "Priced Rite" or (if it ever re-opens) Maxwell's. While there is a store on Guana, you will have a wider range of choices in Marsh Harbour and the price will be a little lower. Milk sometimes sells out at Guana Grocery, and you might want to grab some milk in Marsh Harbour. The weekly shipment arrives on Thursday or Friday.

There is no problem carrying lots of luggage or shopping bags or cargo over on the ferry. People routinely carry shopping and cargo over on the Albury Ferry.

GOLF CART RENTAL: The primary transportation on the island is by golf cart, which is all that one really needs to travel the short distances on Great Guana Cay itself. There are only a few small cars. (Orchid Bay Marina has small utility trucks that can help you with luggage when you arrive and when you leave, if needed.)

You will want to rent a golf cart or bicycles on the island for transportation. However, we can arrange for you to be met at the ferry dock when you first arrive to get to the house.

You can rent golf carts directly from Albury Property Management or from Donna Sands: Click Here for her website. Bicycles can also be rented on Guana. (When traveling to the main island of Abaco, there are several companies that will rent cars on the big island.)

BOAT RENTALS: You may want to rent a small or medium-sized power boat for fishing, exploring, snorkeling, diving, and visits to the many quaint and interesting islands in the area. Teaching children or grandchildren boating is a valuable life-long skill.

If you rent a boat in Marsh Harbour when you arrive, and are reasonably skilled with boating, instead of coming over on the ferry, you can make the trip from Marsh Harbour to Great Guana Cay in your own rented boat. This will allow you to follow your own schedule, to unload your luggage directly onto the house's dock, to save the cost of the ferry ride at $27 a person (round trip), to visit Green Turtle and Man O'War Cay directly (taking the ferry would require changing boats), and to go for dinner in Marsh Harbour whenever you want.

"Interlude" House has a dock on the Sea of Abaco where a boat can be tied up right at the house in fair weather. For a group of four people, the ferry would cost $25 round trip each. You can rent a small power boat big enough for around four people for around $110 a day. So, the $100 you would save on the ferry would about pay for one day of renting a boat available on your own schedule at your own convenience.

You can rent a boat in Marsh Harbour and boat right over to the house directly, or rent a boat as needed right on Guana Cay from "Dive Guana."

HINT: If you rent a boat, make sure you also get a marine "GPS" for navigation as well as local charts for finding your way and avoiding shallow water! You can simply punch in Latitude: 26.65975 East, Longitude: -77.10366 West for "Interlude House," on Great Guana Cay, directly across from Foote Cay.

NO SMOKING is allowed in any of the areas, including for fire safety, and we seek to appeal to those who will prefer a no-smoking environment. Those sensitive to smoke will appreciate that there has never been any smoking in the house at any time in the past.

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Homeowners: +1 (863) 840-9156
or (863) 269-9785 or +1 (703) 656-1230
Email: Rent@EnjoyAbaco.com
Orchid Bay: +1 (242) 365-5175

Or Contact our U.S. REALTORS:
Eugene and Jeannie Baur
Mizner By The Sea Luxury RE
641 Juneberry Court
Boca Raton, Florida 33486
+1 (561)391-8100
E-mail:  BaurTeamSellsBoca@msn.com

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