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The Abacos is one of the major island groups of the Bahama Islands, to the East and more natural, beautiful, and unspoiled than the busy cities of Nassau and Freeport to the West. The Abacos are called "the Family Islands."

"Interlude House" is directly across from "Foote Cay" in the Sea of Abaco, nestled in the innermost part of a small cove on Great Guana Cay. Latitude: 26.65975 East, Longitude: -77.10366 West.

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The largest city in the Abacos is Marsh Harbour (named for "the Marls," a unique and interesting set of salt water lakes and pools which lay to the West). Marsh Harbour is 45 minutes’ flight time from Miami, Ft Lauderdale or Palm Beach, Florida.

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Great Guana Cay is an island 9 miles long, in a line of barrier islands hugging massive Great Abaco Island.

Marsh Harbour has a small international airport. Nearby Treasure Cay also has a small airport. Flights from the United States or from Nassau or Freeport may land at either Marsh Harbour or Treasure Cay, sometimes serving both on the same flight.

Great Guana Cay is about 8 miles from Marsh Harbour, and near Treasure Cay and Green Turtle Cay.

Great Guana Cay boasts a world-famous reef on the ocean side ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. Guana has one of the longest beaches in the Bahamas, five and a half miles long.

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"Interlude" House overlooks the “Sea of Abaco.” That protected bay stretches between the smaller barrier islands and massive Great Abaco Island.  It opens easily to the Ocean for deepwater fishing through several passages, or allows navigation through protected and/or shallow waters all the way to West End on the edge of the Gulf Stream for crossing to Florida by boat.  Interlude House is on the Sea of Abaco.

Lot Map of Orchid Bay Development
Southeast End of Great Guana Cay

Interlude House sits inside a cove, along the Sea of Abaco.  The entire island is blessed by a lovely Bahamian breeze nearly always blowing onshore across the Sea of Abaco, as part of local weather patterns.  The winds leave the houses more comfortable than most Florida homes in Summer. 


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